Fibroline dry powder impregnation technology portfolio and process for nonwovens textiles foams and papers. D-Preg, Y-Preg, T-Preg, S-Preg Patented powder coating machine and scattering machinery.



The Fibroline solutions are based on the application of an alternating electric field, allowing a controlled impregnation of the particles throughout the porous support:

  • The powder form material is first scattered onto the porous structure.

  • The material is then passing through electrodes and an alternating electric field is applied to the product.

  • At the end of the treatment, all the powder scattered on top of the support finds itself inside the porosities.

D-Preg technology principle:

  • Adapted to most of the materials and running industrially for a wide range of technical textile applications

T-Preg technology principle:

  • High-speed technological configuration, specifically designed for hygiene applications (baby, incontinence, femcare)

S-Preg technology principle:

  • Specific deposition process, associated to extremely accurate impregnation control. Very convenient to depose very low content of active substance, and locate the additive in specific areas.

Y-Preg technology principle:

  • Latest technological option developed by Fibroline, extending the process window to yarns, ribbons & tapes.


In most cases, a 0,5 to 5s residence time is sufficient, and leads to a homogeneous distribution of the powder inside the support. Gradient distribution is also achievable with adapted process parameters.
It is important to notice that no raise in temperature occurs inside the machine, and no static electricity remains inside the material at the end of the treatment.
Energy consumption of the whole system is very low: for instance, a 4m long and 1,50m wide unit running at 20m/min (impregnating up to 2T/h material) requires less than 15kW.
Several configurations of those technologies are available, depending on targeted materials and expected production characteristics.

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