Fibroline technologies have a very wide range of applications: each time one needs to put a material inside a porous or micro-porous support, the Fibroline solution may be of interest, because it is:

  • Innovative (possible creation of totally new products)

  • Economic (raw material savings, and energy savings)

  • Fast and easily controllable

  • Dry and Non polluting (no water, nor solvents to manage)

Fibroline R&D team can customize the solution for its partners, and find the right solution thanks to its strong know-how.​

An innovative engineering company

Fibroline is a technology and engineering company based in France, which developed and patented revolutionary dry impregnation technologies. Those cleantechs enable to impregnate powder form materials into porous structures (textiles, nonwovens, papers, foams…) thanks to high intensity alternating electric fields.

Technologies are running in continuous installations, from 10cm to 6m wide. Speed varies from 10m/min to 300m/min, depending on application.

Fibroline: supplier of turnkey solutions

Fibroline sells licenses on its patents and know how together with complete production lines manufactured by its equipment partners. Fibroline’s business model is flexible and adapted to each business case.

Fibroline proposes to its customer turnkey solutions in terms of process as well as product which are protected by a number of patents.

Compared to customarily used wet processes, Fibroline dry impregnation technologies help its clients to:

  • Innovate and create new products

  • Suppress water use and pollution

  • Reduce considerably energy consumption

  • Eliminate many personal health risks caused for instance by VOC

  • Facilitate environmental regulations establishment (REACH…)

The Fibroline technology portfolio responds to the sustainable growth requirements in a wide number of applications in the automotive, building, medical, hygiene, filtration, cosmetic industries and many others…


Fibroline R&D Center near Lyon


  • Win-win business model

  • Adaptability

  • Long term partnership


  • Reliability

  • Green business

  • Efficiency



  • Innovation

  • Technical skills

  • Lab and pilot equipments