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We’re making progress every day with very positive feedbacks from our partners. Very efficient option to collaborate & ecologically friendly by the way! We’ll definitely implement this solution on the long term, of course in combination with conventional R&D trials. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

June 17, 2020: Fibroline introduces

its Y-Preg technology to the composite market!

During the last months, Fibroline engineering team validated the efficiency of its new Y-Preg solution, for the dry impregnation of a wide range of composite rovings (glass, ceramic, aramid, natural fibres etc…). A pilot equipment has been installed in our innovation center near Lyon to welcome customers for demonstrations & trials with their materials. Feel free to get in touch with us and organize a trial run with our technical team to validate the benefits that this unique technology can bring to your materials.An adaptation of the Y-Preg technology to the carbon fiber reinforcements is currently on the go, with a targeted market introduction during the JEC in Paris, early 2021.

Impregnated wipes and sheet masks for hygiene, cosmetic and healthcare applications: EURO WIPES and FIBROLINE have announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to develop eco-friendly products and go even further in terms of naturality.

More info: See October 07, 2020 Press release

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