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Navis TubeTex and FIBROLINE launch FIBROLINE USA

January 08, 2024

First-In-Man for the GATT Patch (FIBROLINE inside)

June 03, 2021

DEPESTELE and FIBROLINE enter a strategic partnership

April 29, 2022

Signature of two license agreements for healthcare

February 06, 2020

Fibroline news, releases and upcoming exhibitions. Dry powder impregnation technologies and process for nonwovens textiles foams and papers.


Fibroline and Navis TubeTex, a Lexington, US-based leader in finishing machinery for the global textile industry, created “Fibroline USA”, a unique innovation center dedicated to the promotion of Fibroline’s cutting-edge dry impregnation solutions for the U.S. market.

This partnership between Navis TubeTex and Fibroline represents a strategic alignment of expertise and resources, poised to elevate the standards of dry impregnation solutions in the U.S. market. The companies are committed to providing customers with unparalleled support and cutting-edge technologies.

Drapeau des Etats Unis

Following the recent purchase of its licensee GATT Technologies B.V. by Ethicon, Fibroline is proud to be part of such a great partnership, and see that its innovative technologies are now, in addition to wound dressing market recently addressed, entering the market of implantable devices!


DEPESTELE Group, leading manufacturer of natural fibers for composite reinforcement and FIBROLINE, global leader in dry powder impregnation solutions, entered into a strategic partnership for the development of dry impregnated natural fiber tapes. This collaboration will combine DEPESTELE Group’s market expertise for flax fiber reinforcements, with an eco-friendly manufacturing process in line with both partners’ environmental and social policy.

“This technology will allow us to develop a new range of products, while implementing a green impregnation solution avoiding the use of solvent and reducing energy consumption. In addition to this lowered environmental impact, the optimal powder distribution of the resin will lead to high-performance materials with a very limited level of porosities, allowing to address the most demanding markets” says Davy DURIATTI, R&D director for DEPESTELE Group.

More info: See April 29, 2022 Press release


The Dutch medical device startup GATT Technologies has announced the successful first-in-man of its lead product GATT-Patch used to resolve bleeding in a patient undergoing liver resection surgery, A study led by Radboud university medical center Nijmegen (Radboudumc). GATT-Patch is a flexible, fibrous sheet, highly efficiently dry impregnated with synthetic activated POx-polymers making use of Fibroline’s technology.


Impregnated wipes and sheet masks for hygiene, cosmetic and healthcare applications: EURO WIPES and FIBROLINE have announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to develop eco-friendly products and go even further in terms of naturality.

More info: See October 07, 2020 Press release

Fibroline news, releases and upcoming exhibitions. Dry powder impregnation technologies and process for nonwovens textiles foams and papers.
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