11/05/2020: R&D Video conferencing: participate in your trials as if you were in our lab!

In order to offer a solution to our partners unable to travel to our premises during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fibroline installed a brand-new video conferencing software in all labs, giving our customers the possibility to participate in their R&D studies from their offices.

Our innovation team has been trained, and is able to give you live results as well as interact with you during the product development experiments.

In addition to this, and regarding partners having the possibility to join us in our innovation center, all measures have been implemented to protect our staff and customers to carry out R&D trials in a secure way.


Latest News!


17/09/2019: GATT Technologies BV (GATT) from The Netherlands & FIBROLINE have entered into an exclusive license agreement for hemostatic patches (GATT-Patch):

Achieving hemostasis (bleeding control) is a critical focus of clinicians working in the surgical setting. The current set of available hemostatic products do not offer adequate solutions yet for controlling heavier bleedings, especially in case patients receive anticoagulants.

To address this need, GATT Technologies BV has developed the NHS-POx technology platform to enable controlling of heavier bleedings and other unmet needs in this clinical field.

The FIBROLINE dry impregnation solutions (S-Preg technology), are very efficient ways of distributing active substances like NHS-POx polymers into biocompatible porous structures such as nonwovens or foams. GATT Technologies BV & FIBROLINE, following a successful R&D program, developed innovative dry impregnated hemostatic patches combining high performance and fast hemostasis into a strong adhesive/sealing formulation on surrounding wet tissue.

The companies have entered into an exclusive license agreement for the manufacture of GATT-Patch.