Latex free exhibition carpet


Wet latex coating can be replaced with Fibroline’s dry powder impregnation solution, leading to a fully recyclable carpet.





Sound absorber underlays


The ability of the Fibroline solutions to manage the z-axis location of the powder, as well as pattern impregnation enables significant improvement of underlay’s sound absorption characteristics. Different supports such as foams or needlepunched nonwovens can be suitable in combination with the Fibroline solutions.




Contract & Domestic carpets


Hotmelt thermoplastic powders can be impregnated thanks to Fibroline technologies to replace Styrene-Butadiene Latex into contract and domestic carpets. Perfect location of the binder leads to very high carpet performances.

Fire retardant barriers


A large range of fire retardant powders are available on the market and can be impregnated into the textile to reach high performance materials. Due to the perfect powder location, it is possible to achieve cost reductions compared to conventional liquid fire retardant formulations.