Latex free automotive carpets

A large part of the conventional carpets for cars is nowadays manufactured from polyester nonwovens impregnated and bonded with latex coating on the back side. Fibroline developed and patented a dry alternative using a sustainable manufacturing solution.

Thermoset composites


Fibroline's technologies are perfectly adapted to thermosetting powders. From Polyester, Epoxy to Phenolics, several innovative prepregs can be manufactured without solvent.




Biosourced composites


Bio-sources composites are a sector of interest for Fibroline. Its technologies can combine “green” resins with natural fiber reinforcements.




Interior parts (headliners, door panels...)


Nonwovens, foams and/or multilayers materials can be impregnated with high performances thermoset powders in order to fulfill automotive standards. Headliners are for instance possibly manufactured at a cost-effective price, while reducing VOC emissions by more than 100 times.



Functional powders can be impregnated into filters to improve product performances. Solvent based impregnation can also be replaced by powders in a very efficient way and at very high speeds.


Thermoplastic composites


Several thermoplastic materials are available in powder Several thermoplastic materials are available in powder form, leading to a large range of possibilities for composite materials manufacturing.